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Data backup or business disaster?


by Paul Evans, MD, RedstorData loss can have a staggering cost impact on a business. A recent study claimed that data loss and downtime costs global enterprises up to $1.7 trillion a year more ...

Product design boosts sales


by Stephen Roper, Director, ERCFirms that make use of designers at every stage of developing new products boost sales of those products by 20% more ...

How to avoid burnout at work


by Ciara McGrath, Head of HR, Instant OfficesOne in four of us feels under pressure at work on a daily basis. What are the signs and what to do about it? more ...

How business leaders can fully utilise the power of brand


by Steve Woolley, Head of External Affairs, CIMMore than just a logo, a brand lives and evolves in the hearts and minds of its customers and growth is only realised when a brand's promises are delivered more ...

Avoiding conflict in the workplace


by Paul Randolph, Mediator and Regents University LondonHow can we avoid conflict in the workplace? The short answer is: we can't. It's impossible. Conflict is an integral part of all human interaction - the question is how to manage it more ...

Workplace stress - the reality


by Dave Capper, Executive Director, Westfield HealthWe need to understand the relationship between stress, the workplace and emotional fitness to enable us to talk about and address the issues more ...

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