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Charities and donors - act now!

Gift Aid Transitional Relief ends April 2011

A t the moment, charities receive 28p in every pound donated. The Transitional Relief was introduced in 2008 to boost the amount received from 25p (due to the lower tax rates) and it is estimated to be worth some £100m per year to the charity sector.

This is, of course, in contrast to the £100m "big society" Transitional Fund announced by the Government last year. Some have said it is like taking with one hand and giving back with the other.

Whatever the intentions, charities are working hard to get their Gift Aid claims in (and any extra donations they can) before the end of the tax year.

Whether you are a charity or a donor, the time is running out to get that extra 3p in the pound.

For further information check the HMRC web site:

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