Business Works Autumn 2010 - The Insurance Manager

The Insurance Manager


Danny Cooper and Kate Underdown
any large and international firms employ their own insurance managers but, for some, this has become an expensive luxury and, for smaller companies, it has always been difficult to justify the extra costs.

Formed in 2004, The Insurance Manager has established itself as the market leader in the provision of insurance and risk management services to organisations in the SME, Education and Care sectors and a viable alternative to “in house” insurance teams for others.

Most companies do not have the expertise to safely decide what insurances should be purchased or to ensure these continue to reflect changing business needs. Historically there were insurance brokers to provide this service but, with a few honourable exceptions, they are now working with “partner” insurers and embracing the role change from advisers to salesmen.

The Insurance Manager is not a broking firm, nor is it in competition with brokers. Whilst it seems a logical approach, it is one of the few firms able to provide a seamless link between risk management, insurance and business continuity. Apart from the lower premiums this produces, Clients also see savings in management time and administrative costs. In the majority of cases, fees charged by the Insurance Manager are easily absorbed by cost savings made.

As industry experts, the people at IM are always happy to provide a second opinion or free guidance on a particular problem. For prospective clients, benefits and savings are more noticeable once annual premium spend exceeds £30,000 and certainly become significant around £100,000. The website provides information on insurance audits and other aspects of the business.

For more information:
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