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Better vision 20-20-20


by Alastair Lockwood, Ophthalmologist, Feel Good ContactsA good resolution for 2020: look after your eye health and that of your staff - your eyes are integral to pretty much everything you do in life more ...

Asleep by PowerPoint


by Lyndon Nicholson, CEO, Future PresentYou can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your presentations with some tips and tricks more ...

Cut the risks of Personal Guarantees


by Todd Davison, Director, Purbeck Insurance ServicesPersonal Guarantees for business finance can be off-putting - reduce the risks more ...

Work-life balance fails in the UK


by Phil Austin, CEO, Cigna EuropeThe workplace is a stressful place to be, but we can give managers and employees the tools to manage their stress more ...

How to stay on top of trends


by Alice Barat, Chief Commercial Officer, BGirl FashionYou need to be a dominating presence in your industry circle if you aim to keep growing and make sure you are unique and competitive more ...

Reasons behind persistent UK gender pay gap


by Chris Hickey, UK CEO, Robert WaltersWomen need to feel more confident about their value to firms and it's clear that employers can do more to help empower them more ...

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