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Work - friends or no friends?


by Mark Pearcy, Head of Marketing, 4ComMost people spend more time with colleagues than anyone else in their lives, but do they make friends at work and does it affect performance? more ...

Embarrassing e-mails


by David Jones, Product Manager, Ebuyer.comE-mails are a large part of our lives, but what happens when we make a mistake, send to the wrong person or worse? more ...

Why change is now constant


by Geoff Hudson-Searle, Non-executive Director, Thought LeaderThe best companies that experience exceptional long-term success are able quickly to recognise the need to change and make the tweaks necessary to continue their growth trajectory more ...

Get your motivation back


by Dr Mark Winwood, Director Psyc. Services, AXA PPP HealthcareSetting health goals can be a great way of motivating ourselves to improve our wellbeing and can help us boost self-confidence when we start to notice progress more ...

Brits, Americanisms and corporate image


by Dr Nick Smith, Principal, Oxford Home SchoolingOver half of Brits find American spellings frustrating - how might that affect your corporate image? more ...

Mental health and managers' responsibilities


by Paula Whelan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, RighTrackMental health is just as important as physical health and tending to our invisible ailments needs the same level of attention as a visible illness more ...

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