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Fund will boost investment in training and help businesses grow


by BIS50 million a year fund launched to help businesses develop the skills they need to drive growth more ...

Chancellor announces superfast broadband funding


by HM TreasuryGeorge Osborne announced the opening of bidding for 50 million of funding for superfast broadband roll-out in the UK more ...

UK shortage occupation list - recommendations


by Home OfficeImportant news for employers - the MAC has today recommended that eight job titles be removed from the UK shortage occupation list. more ...

The importance of goals


by Gary NewbouroughWhat are your goals? Do you passionately desire them? Do you regularly picture yourself achieving them? more ...

Gender underwriting - Europe strikes again!


by Danny CooperThe ECJ has done it again in ruling that gender can no longer be used as an underwriting factor - where will it lead? more ...

Advertising standards apply online from today


by Lord Smith of FinsburyFrom 1 March 2011 the ASA's remit is extended to online marketing materials. Are you ready? more ...

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