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Public sector redundancies: private sector hopes?


by Gerwyn DaviesRedundancies look set to rise sharply in the first quarter of 2011, but some hope from the private sector. more ...

Are the new ECGD products required?


by Fabrice DesnosA cautious welcome to news of a series of new products being launched by the Government's ECGD but is outside intervention is actually required. more ...

Manufacturing recovery must be strengthened says BCC


by David KernDespite a slight downturn, British manufacturing is expected to recover in January - critical to our overall recovery more ...

Bank lending - a much bigger problem!


by Philip KingBritainís banks shouldn't be forced to lend. SMEs are pointing the finger in the wrong direction for their failure, according to Philip King, CEO of ICM. more ...

10 tips for motivating employees


by Gary NewboroughEmployee motivation is always critical - even more so in today's economic climate. Ten tips for your consideration and to help you more ...

Is the quality of management strained?


by CIPDHigh performing managers and employee engagement are the keys to success on the road out of the economic recession. more ...

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