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New online retail monitor

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E very time someone goes online and Googles a retail product that search is counted towards a total for the month and the quarter. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Google Online Retail Monitor (ORM) also categorises those searches in a number of ways. It:

  • Ranks the most popular retail search terms
  • Quantifies the growth of mobile retail searches
  • Compares the performance of online-only retailers with those also using stores
  • Gives a geographical breakdown of online retail activity
  • Compares cross border retail searches (customers searching from and to other countries)

Online is by far the fastest growing part of UK retailing - it is now responsible for nine per cent of all UK retail spending compared with less than four per cent in 2007 - but online retail data has not been issued in this way before.

To see the results of the first quarterly report (PDF) visit the BRC web site: Online Retail Monitor - Q1 2011.pdf

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