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What are BW briefs?

BW briefs are short, online, topical editorials. They may be provocative, observations, information, discussion points etc, but they must be easy to read, relevant and topical. They should provide our readers with a 'return on investment' for their time reading the editorial! Articles with transerable knowledge, tips & tricks, useful information, etc are always popular. Bear in mind that our target readership is Directors of mid-sized organisations, although we have readers from a wide variety of sectors, organisation sizes, etc.

BW briefs are:

  • Short, punchy, interesting, relevant, informative etc;
  • Less than 750 words - ideally around 700 words;
  • Have a short, punchy title;
  • Unique editorial is in the interests of all parties (search engines pick up easily on duplicate articles)
  • By-line in the form 'by xxx, CEO, yyy'
  • Accompanying picture - landscape (not portrait) format and good resolution - we can crop high resolution pictures if required. Often the author, but by no means necessarily!
  • IP of the picture and words are assigned to Business Works for use in publishing the materials and their promotion on a non-exclusive basis, but duplicating exact articles should be avoided
  • May include a URL for a link in the 'for more info' paragraph at the end
  • Editorial - not advertorial - and adding value for the reader - with knowledge, information, transferable skills etc - leadership / management always popular
  • The Editor's / Editorial Board's decision is final
  • Will be publicised (when published) via the Business Works Twitter feed (@biz_works).

They are not:

  • ... advertising "puff" or advertorial;
  • ... promotions for commercial products or services (some mention of conferences / events / pro bono offers etc may be allowed);
  • ... reproductions of Press Releases - they should be written as editorials and have unique content.

Authors of BW Briefs that receive positive feedback from our readership may be invited to contribute more editorials in the future!

Please contact us via the Contribute or advertise page if you would like to submit copy for consideration.



The Editorial Board's decision concerning publication is final and BusinessWorks does not take responsibility for any views / opinions expressed.

The person submitting copy ('author') must have the copyright of all the materials supplied or have permission to use them for the purpose supplied and indemnifies BusinessWorks for their use in all ways. BusinessWorks does not accept any responsibility for obtaining such permissions and the legal obligations for such rest entirely with the author. By supplying materials, the author gives BusinessWorks the right to use them online or in other forms (eg. hard copy) and the right to edit, modify, summarise or abstract the materials where required. Should you find any problems with the copyright of any materials used, please contact us immediately and we will investigate and try to resolve the matter as soon as we can.

Apart from the Copyright given to BusinessWorks above, authors are free to use such materials elsewhere. It is appreciated if a reference such as 'This article first appeared in BusinessWorks' is applied to other uses of materials submitted and published.

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BW briefs are short, topical features overing a wide variety of subjects. They are arranged by date so please browse and enjoy!
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