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Ben Moore, General Manager, QuoteSearcherEU - in or out for companies?
Ben Moore, General Manager, QuoteSearcher (31-Mar-2016)
How should SMEs vote in the EU Referendum in June? Consider the trade and staffing implications that an EU-exit could potentially cause
Dr Max Nathan and Dr Anna Rosso, Research Fellows, NIESRBig data finds 70,000 'hidden' companies in UK Information Economy
Dr Max Nathan and Dr Anna Rosso, Research Fellows, NIESR (27-Nov-2014)
Big data reveals real-world economic shifts and policymakers must invest in it to understand the most fast-changing and dynamic economic sectors
Mark Elborne, President and CEO of GE UK and IrelandUK - innovation success with a warning
Mark Elborne, President and CEO of GE UK and Ireland (24-Nov-2014)
With an increasingly-competitive global marketplace, innovation is crucial. The UK led the industrial revolution but lags with the consumer internet
John Harlow, Director, Harlow InsolvencyComing out of recession - of Fergusons, fetlocks and felines
John Harlow, Director, Harlow Insolvency (22-Oct-2014)
The prospect of an upturn in the economy is exciting, but business needs to exercise care as it can be fraught with risk
John Harlow, Director, John Harlow InsolvencyBusiness at what price?
John Harlow, Director, John Harlow Insolvency (15-Sep-2014)
Has the recession caused an increase in haggling over price? The proliferation of zombie companies is restricting growth and delaying recovery
Stephen Vinall, Managing Director, MoorhouseFocus on cost cutting and get left behind
Stephen Vinall, Managing Director, Moorhouse (12-Sep-2014)
High-growth organisations are more likely to be focusing on new initiatives than those organisations reporting low growth
Ann Francke, Chief Executive, CMIRetirement age for women - 80?
Ann Francke, Chief Executive, CMI (01-Sep-2014)
To earn the same as a male manager over a career, a woman would have to work the equivalent of over 14 years more
Ilian Iliev, CEO, EcoMachines IncubatorInnovative and high-tech SMEs and the economy
Ilian Iliev, CEO, EcoMachines Incubator (01-Jul-2014)
Why have innovative SMEs and high-tech startups not yet reached their full potential? We need to foster them better!
John Harlow, Managing Director, Harlow InsolvencyA very peculiar recession
John Harlow, Managing Director, Harlow Insolvency (23-Jun-2014)
Business failures are usually precipitated through two main elements within the economy. Both are from creditor pressure, the main culprits being the Banks and the Crown Departments
Dave Smithson, UK Head of SMEs, MazarsHow SME business can stand out and succeed
Dave Smithson, UK Head of SMEs, Mazars (28-May-2014)
It can be hard to be seen and really stand out. Six success factors to help strategically plan and succeed
Jon Andrews, HR Consulting Leader, PwCMind the gap: the skills gap is holding us back
Jon Andrews, HR Consulting Leader, PwC (27-May-2014)
Businesses need to get out of the mindset that new skills always equals new people. The most successful organisations will combine recruitment with internal mobility and development
Stephen Vinall, Managing Director, MoorhouseBusinesses become more focused and agile
Stephen Vinall, Managing Director, Moorhouse (16-May-2014)
In the race for growth, organisations, without access to the right resources will stumble before they have left the starting blocks
Ann Francke, Chief Executive, CMIEnd of the bonus bonanza?
Ann Francke, Chief Executive, CMI (15-May-2014)
The economic outlook is better than it’s been in years but every business needs the best from its managers and leaders to help drive strong and sustainable growth
Charles Russam, Chairman, Russam GMSSelf-drive workers are reshaping the traditional workforce
Charles Russam, Chairman, Russam GMS (08-May-2014)
New employment patterns are emerging, including more people with second jobs, independents teaming up and individuals trading through a myriad of business formats
Emmanouil Schizas, ACCASMEs neglected at a critical economic time
Emmanouil Schizas, ACCA (23-Apr-2014)
Governments have the right intentions for fuelling SME growth, but initiatives should focus on enterprise development as an evolutionary, non-linear process
Lindsay Whitelaw, CEO, UricaBusiness on better terms: a funding alternative for small business
Lindsay Whitelaw, CEO, Urica (03-Apr-2014)
Funding is the Achilles heel of the British economy and it's a structural flaw we've accepted too long - an alternative to debt funding
Christian Nellemann, CEO, XLN TelecomSME energy is being sapped by the energy market
Christian Nellemann, CEO, XLN Telecom (01-Apr-2014)
Energy costs are a recurring and contentious issue for business - the issue of energy costs needs to be resolved
Professor Mark Button, Portsmouth UniversityThe cost of fraud
Professor Mark Button, Portsmouth University (28-Mar-2014)
There are opportunities for fraud in many areas like procurement, payroll and expenses that often lie undetected in an organisation - an example from healthcare
Mark  Emmerson, UK Head of Global Trade, HSBCStrengthen business - education links and invest in R&D
Mark Emmerson, UK Head of Global Trade, HSBC (21-Mar-2014)
Need to encourage businesses to invest in R&D to capture the value of their merchandise exports and move up the value chain over the long term
Jafar Hassan, uSwitch.comInvestors shun peer-to-peer lending
Jafar Hassan, (06-Mar-2014)
With historically-low interest rates on savings, peer-to-peer lending has been hailed as a way to boost investments, but savers need some convincing
John Shimmin MHK, Minister for Economic DevelopmentIsle of Man - economic growth and business opportunities
John Shimmin MHK, Minister for Economic Development (21-Feb-2014)
The Isle of Man Government forecasts that its economy will grow by up to 4% every year to 2020, with the e-Business sector leading the way
NIESRThe economy and growth
NIESR (10-Feb-2014)
Customer spending has driven economic growth and it is expected to continue, but beware of production stagnation
Dr Peter Kolarz, Policy Consultant, Technopolis GroupMaking sense of SMEs
Dr Peter Kolarz, Policy Consultant, Technopolis Group (30-Jan-2014)
We have more-or-less identified SMEs as the way forward - but, what kind of SMEs and why?
Alan Smith, CEO, Capital Asset ManagementTen essential steps to selling your business
Alan Smith, CEO, Capital Asset Management (27-Jan-2014)
You've spent years building your business and now it may be time to sell it and capitalise on all the hard work and effort - 10 essential steps to take
Lee Perkins, Managing Director, Sage UKBusiness, late payments and toothless regulation
Lee Perkins, Managing Director, Sage UK (24-Jan-2014)
Nearly two thirds of businesses have experienced late payments of 90 days or more in the last six months - it's time for effective action
David Brimelow, MD, Duo UKCampaign to support British manufacturing
David Brimelow, MD, Duo UK (13-Jan-2014)
Shorter supply chains, better service and communication and ease of doing business are among the notable advantages of dealing with British manufacturers
Katerina Lisenkova, Senior Research Fellow, NIESRThe long-term economic impacts of reducing migration
Katerina Lisenkova, Senior Research Fellow, NIESR (03-Jan-2014)
What are the effects of immigration on the labour market, wages and employment levels. Do they outweigh the positive effects on growth and public finances?
Ed Mayo, SG, Co-operatives UKBritain's broken markets are failing consumers
Ed Mayo, SG, Co-operatives UK (30-Dec-2013)
Markets are broken and more than half of consumers feel they have little or no control over what they buy in 5 of the 7 markets that are most fundamental to the cost of living
Neil Owen, Director, Robert Half Financial ServicesLegacy of the downturn: efficiency, less risk and accelerated change
Neil Owen, Director, Robert Half Financial Services (20-Dec-2013)
With more positive economic data, financial services are considering the benefits that have surfaced as a result of the financial crisis
UKTI Sirius ProgrammeTop graduate entrepreneurs come to the UK
UKTI Sirius Programme (16-Dec-2013)
Attracting hundreds of talented entrepreneurs into the UK resulting in new jobs, foreign investment and a significant cumulative impact on the economy
Chris Reilly, Head of SME Commercial, npowerHow businesses can save energy and costs
Chris Reilly, Head of SME Commercial, npower (09-Dec-2013)
Businesses have opportunities to save on the costs of energy this winter and beyond - some tips on how to improve the bottom line
Valerie Todd, Chair of IIPWorkers search for new jobs as economy recovers
Valerie Todd, Chair of IIP (06-Dec-2013)
Businesses need to invest in their people or face a potential exodus of talented staff suffering work dissatisfaction as confidence increases in the job market
Sam Wass, Co-founder, Great British Meat CoWhy it is important to buy British
Sam Wass, Co-founder, Great British Meat Co (05-Dec-2013)
Common sense tells us that it should be cheaper to grow and raise food in the UK rather than import it from overseas, yet this so often is not the case - why?
Santander UKThe economy: unlocking the potential of SMEs
Santander UK (04-Dec-2013)
The private sector must do more to help strong SMEs to develop or accelerate their plans for growth if we are to achieve a sustainable economic recovery
Kevin Uphill, MD, AvondaleMaximising the value of your business
Kevin Uphill, MD, Avondale (28-Nov-2013)
Growing a company to sell is one of the most guaranteed ways to wealth, but how do you maximise the value and know when to sell?
Dee Caporali, Divisional Director, Access GroupContaining spiraling recruitment costs
Dee Caporali, Divisional Director, Access Group (26-Nov-2013)
How businesses can reduce recruitment administration across the whole organisation to drive down costs in today's challenging job market
Dr Graham Wylie, CEO, The Medical Research NetworkWhat is the real purpose of a company?
Dr Graham Wylie, CEO, The Medical Research Network (21-Nov-2013)
The role of the company - a vehicle to provide forms of specialisation in society that generates positive value to drive social improvements in quality-of-life
Julian Korek, CEO,  Kinetic PartnersNew York overtakes London as world finance centre
Julian Korek, CEO, Kinetic Partners (20-Nov-2013)
New York has overtaken London as the world’s leading financial centre and its influence is set to decline in coming years
Ross Flanigan, Director, Quality + Risk Operations, DeloitteWales - the business advantage
Ross Flanigan, Director, Quality + Risk Operations, Deloitte (19-Nov-2013)
South Wales has a combination of a first-class talent pool, good communications, attractive government support and it is a great environment to live and work
Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered BankIs banker bashing fair and justified?
Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank (26-Oct-2013)
Seismic global economic shifts, unprecedented and depressing volatility in the markets, major concerns about the banking industry itself and a tsunami of new regulations have combined to make for a very difficult ride
Philip King, Chief Executive, ICMPrompt payment - critical for business, not political point scoring
Philip King, Chief Executive, ICM (15-Oct-2013)
Businesses need the certainty of payment and to know that they will be paid within the terms agreed and that those terms will not be changed
Orlando Ayala, Corporate VP and Chairman of Emerging MarketsEffective IT use to fuel SME growth and jobs
Orlando Ayala, Corporate VP and Chairman of Emerging Markets (10-Oct-2013)
Since the crisis, many economies have struggled to return to strong economic growth and to create new jobs - use of advanced IT can boost growth and employment
Rosana Mirkovic, Head of SME Policy, ACCASMEs struggle with skills shortage and growth capital
Rosana Mirkovic, Head of SME Policy, ACCA (09-Oct-2013)
SMEs need to consider a new approach, prioritising investment and seeking internationally-focused market growth, as they prepare for a more stable economy
Iain Macritchie, Founder, Liberty Wealth ManagementCost of life to rise 64% by 2033
Iain Macritchie, Founder, Liberty Wealth Management (30-Sep-2013)
Research reveals shocking insights that should encourage Brits to start saving now for their expensive future
Philip Letts, CEO, blur Group'Jobs for the boys' blighting business
Philip Letts, CEO, blur Group (23-Sep-2013)
Peer pressure is stifling fair competition, with most pitches won by companies with personal relationships rather than the best ideas
Mark Stokes, MD, Mid Markets, Lloyds Banking GroupBritain's brightest businesses
Mark Stokes, MD, Mid Markets, Lloyds Banking Group (20-Sep-2013)
As the economy gathers momentum, the UK’s innovative SMEs will continue to play a critical role in getting us back to a sustainable footing, through exports, investment and job creation
Roger Skinner, CEO, MaxxiaPreparing for growth - asset financing?
Roger Skinner, CEO, Maxxia (19-Sep-2013)
With banks still reticent to lend, asset financing offers a viable and reliable alternative source of funding as businesses prepare for a return to growth
Mark Hanington, Managing Director, FIGSuccess for student start-ups
Mark Hanington, Managing Director, FIG (10-Sep-2013)
Nothing beats the sense of achievement when years of hard work, passion, perseverance, fun (and stress!) finally morph into a successful business
Lord Green, Minister, UKTIUK attracting the best entrepreneurial talent
Lord Green, Minister, UKTI (05-Sep-2013)
The UK is one of the top places in the world to become an entrepreneur - new programme attracts the best of the world
Dale Keller, CEO, BAR UKBuild, mend or make do? The economy and airports
Dale Keller, CEO, BAR UK (22-Aug-2013)
Expanding Heathrow is the best solution to serve the needs of passengers, airlines and the UK economy, based on a combination of economic, geographical and risk-based considerations
Dominic Schofield, Senior Client Partner, Korn/FerryInexperienced politicians holding back business
Dominic Schofield, Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry (07-Aug-2013)
An overwhelming 89% of Chairmen agree that a lack of commercial experience among politicians is inhibiting business
Bob Butcher, NIESRJob creation and destruction
Bob Butcher, NIESR (29-Jul-2013)
Even during the recession and subsequent period of extended economic stagnation, the UK private sector has been creating well over 3.5 million jobs a year
Bob Butcher, NIESRJob creation and destruction
Bob Butcher, NIESR (29-Jul-2013)
Even during the recession and subsequent period of extended economic stagnation, the UK private sector has been creating well over 3.5 million jobs a year
Andrew Nicholas, MD, Executives OnlineSuccess through people management and communications
Andrew Nicholas, MD, Executives Online (25-Jul-2013)
Mid-market companies are the hidden engine to economic recovery. People management and communication are core components of their overall business strategy
Luis Juste, Director, Santander Universities UKGraduates, employment and SMEs
Luis Juste, Director, Santander Universities UK (04-Jul-2013)
Many students don't even start to look for employment until after graduating and often don't even consider the benefits of working for an SME
Peter Kolarz, Francis Hutcheson InstituteStartups - maybe not the economic panacea
Peter Kolarz, Francis Hutcheson Institute (01-Jul-2013)
Are startups good news? Often they are the signs of desperation and of economies void of opportunity. So what's the answer?
David Hall, author and consultantMyths about entrepreneurs exposed
David Hall, author and consultant (20-Jun-2013)
Entrepreneurs need all the support they can get in order to help the country sort out its economic problems - we expose some myths about them
David Saul, MD, Business EnvironmentStarting up the start-ups
David Saul, MD, Business Environment (18-Jun-2013)
More needs to be done to support start-ups – we need to reward the increasing number of brave entrepreneurs setting up new businesses
Dr Mark Wareing, Commercial Director, Pera TechnologyLack of finance is crippling innovation
Dr Mark Wareing, Commercial Director, Pera Technology (14-Jun-2013)
A key sector of the economy is failing to innovate because of outside pressures, such as finance. The implications for competitiveness are profound
Mark Boleat, Chairman, Policy and ResourcesThe City seeks new angel investors
Mark Boleat, Chairman, Policy and Resources (18-May-2013)
At a time when access to finance is such a pressing issue for entrepreneurs, Angels in the City is focused on encouraging individuals from the Square Mile to consider investing in early stage businesses
Philip King, Chief Executive, ICMResponsible lending and borrowing required
Philip King, Chief Executive, ICM (07-May-2013)
The fall in both company and individual failures is no cause for early celebration, nor confirmation that the UK is on its way to recovery
Paula Gorry, Development Manager, Stampin' Up! UKA crafty success story
Paula Gorry, Development Manager, Stampin' Up! UK (06-May-2013)
As many businesses struggle, there is one industry that is continuing to flourish. The craft industry is defying the recession
Mark Walker, General Manager, Zipcar UKSharing business costs is essential for survival
Mark Walker, General Manager, Zipcar UK (02-May-2013)
Ownership of business assets and permanent employment of human resources is now a thing of the past for many businesses. Sharing resources is the way forward
Nigel Green, CEO, deVere GroupTax - a legal not a moral issue
Nigel Green, CEO, deVere Group (30-Apr-2013)
Hectoring and political posturing from MPs on legal tax avoidance should stop. Tax should be a legal, not a moral, issue
Emmanouil Schizas, ACCAWidespread business optimism, but is it temporary?
Emmanouil Schizas, ACCA (24-Apr-2013)
UK business confidence grows for third consecutive quarter, but remains behind UAE and China as well as Ireland
Andrew Miller, owner, ARM CoachingI've lost my business - what shall I do?
Andrew Miller, owner, ARM Coaching (19-Apr-2013)
Business loss is the hardest thing an entrepreneur has to face. If you can keep a sense of perspective and focus on what's important, you will come back stronger and wiser
John Cridland, CBI Director-GeneralGive growing firms an export boost
John Cridland, CBI Director-General (16-Apr-2013)
The UK is making progress in the fast-growing BRIC economies, but it still lags behind some of its international rivals. SMEs should be at the forefront of export-led growth
Simon Dixon, CEO, banktothefuture.comThe future of SME business finance?
Simon Dixon, CEO, (05-Apr-2013)
Around 92% of banks' balance sheets does nothing to help the British economy so where should SMEs get their funding?
Simon Carter, Director, Touch FinancialBanks turn away over half of SMEs
Simon Carter, Director, Touch Financial (04-Apr-2013)
More than half of small businesses in the last six months have been refused funding by their bank and 98% say the Government should do more
Philip Collins, Chairman, OFTSupporting economic growth and business
Philip Collins, Chairman, OFT (28-Mar-2013)
Competition drives growth by encouraging innovation and increasing business efficiency. The OFT's role is to tackle issues that stand in the way of growth
Sue Staunton, Partner, James CowperThe need to boost tech industry funding
Sue Staunton, Partner, James Cowper (21-Mar-2013)
The technology sector is buoyed by its strengths in the development and commercialisation of technology, but it is equally aware that it is operating in uncertain times
SPQL - in the City of LondonBusiness finance fit for the future
SPQL - in the City of London (18-Mar-2013)
Traditional bank finance just isn't working. Is crowd finance, Islamic Finance or non-bank finance the answer to help kick-start business and the economy
Tej Kohli, CEO, Grafix SoftechBuilding a global business
Tej Kohli, CEO, Grafix Softech (15-Mar-2013)
As the world gets smaller and customers and investors are no longer dictated by geography, the desire and need, to build a business with truly global value is increasingly important
Mike Fleming, Tax Director, StraughansPension? Invest in gold instead?
Mike Fleming, Tax Director, Straughans (12-Mar-2013)
Is public faith in pensions decreasing? Some might think that it would be worthwhile investing in gold instead
Andrew Gilbert, MD, Node4Fragile economy prompts customer focus
Andrew Gilbert, MD, Node4 (27-Feb-2013)
Creating a culture that promotes self-evaluation and open and honest relationships will always benefit a company - sustained growth lies with meeting demands of customers
Tony Favro, author Hard ConstantsThe challenges of sustainability
Tony Favro, author Hard Constants (18-Feb-2013)
The concept of sustainability or sustainable development involves getting people to change their behaviour, use fewer resources, adjust their consumption patterns, alter their daily routines and think long-term
Mark Hodgson, Practice Leader, Right ManagementAre more redundancies on the horizon in 2013?
Mark Hodgson, Practice Leader, Right Management (01-Feb-2013)
Employees still face an uncertain future in 2013 as businesses are increasingly unsure if they will need to make redundancies over the next six months
Phillip Venn, Commercial Director, BooxWhat could you buy in the 31 January £85m shopping spree?
Phillip Venn, Commercial Director, Boox (31-Jan-2013)
Last year 850,000 Brits racked up an avoidable £100 fine for submitting their self-assessment tax return late - what could you do with all that cash?
James King and Mark Hanington, Founders, FIGEntrepreneurs - the route to economic success
James King and Mark Hanington, Founders, FIG (22-Jan-2013)
SMEs form the backbone of UK business and are the easiest route to turn the economy round. Here is a clear and practical way to boost business and the economy
Mary Starks, Senior Director, OFTDo defined contribution pensions offer value?
Mary Starks, Senior Director, OFT (21-Jan-2013)
The Government has introduced automatic enrolment in DC pension schemes - will competition work in the best interests of savers to deliver low cost, high quality schemes
Keith Alderson, MD Corporate Banking, The Co-operative BankSMEs plan for growth in 2013
Keith Alderson, MD Corporate Banking, The Co-operative Bank (04-Jan-2013)
SMEs and entrepreneurs are widely acknowledged as vital to Britain’s economic recovery - nearly half expect growth in 2013
Jamie Hopkins, CEO, Workspace GroupUnleash the potential of UK small firms
Jamie Hopkins, CEO, Workspace Group (31-Dec-2012)
The small business sector is very large and includes the fastest growing companies in the economy - government should focus
Paul Shephard, Director, Clydesdale and Yorkshire BanksSMEs losing billions not counting costs
Paul Shephard, Director, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks (27-Dec-2012)
SMEs could save billions that could be used for employment or business development
Maxine Park, Director, DictateNowOutsource in the UK - it's better for everyone
Maxine Park, Director, DictateNow (05-Dec-2012)
The importance of the outsourcing industry to the UK economy cannot be overestimated and keeping the work local is better for business and the economy
David Saul, MD, Business EnvironmentSouthern UK businesses enjoy an Indian summer
David Saul, MD, Business Environment (07-Nov-2012)
Summer 2012 was a remarkably positive time for businesses in Southern UK - some interesting research findings
Millie Banerjee, Chairman, Working LinksEmployment should be the focus of CSR
Millie Banerjee, Chairman, Working Links (23-Oct-2012)
Helping people from disadvantaged groups into work is not only the right thing to do, it also enhances customers’ and employees’ perceptions of a business and good CSR strategy
Mark Walker, GM, Zipcar UKNew pay-as-you-live lifestyle changes the paradigm
Mark Walker, GM, Zipcar UK (11-Oct-2012)
Brits increasingly shun ownership in favour of hiring or sharing goods and services and the market is worth £22 billion
Social Entrepreneurs Programme, Lloyds BankRewarding social entrepreneurs helping local communities
Social Entrepreneurs Programme, Lloyds Bank (27-Sep-2012)
In times of severe economic constraints, it's crucial we recognise and encourage social innovation - providing radical solutions to some long-term community issues
Guy Fraser-Sampson, Senior Fellow, Cass Business SchoolThe financial crisis: politicians are the problem
Guy Fraser-Sampson, Senior Fellow, Cass Business School (25-Sep-2012)
There is growing unease at the persistence of the financial crisis and the escalating pace with which it is hurtling us into the unknown - the problem and some solutions
Lizzie Crowley, The Work FoundationAction needed for UK deprived communities
Lizzie Crowley, The Work Foundation (19-Sep-2012)
The UK's poorest areas must not be left to fall further into decline - need for innovative sustainable projects and other local measures
Sara de Tute, President, CSAUK consumer debt passed to DCAs exceeds £60 billion
Sara de Tute, President, CSA (18-Sep-2012)
At the end of Q2 2012, consumer debt passed to Debt Collection Agencies exceeded £60 billion, an 18 percent year-on-year increase
Mark Surguy, Partner, Eversheds LLPHow to combat the UK £73bn fraud problem
Mark Surguy, Partner, Eversheds LLP (24-Jul-2012)
Fraud has an insidious effect on the health and wealth of businesses and industry and the costs end up being paid for by customers in some way
Dr Penny Tamkin, Institute for Employment StudiesPoor management is holding back UK recovery
Dr Penny Tamkin, Institute for Employment Studies (19-Jul-2012)
The UK is lagging behind international competitors with deficits in leadership and management skills
Armen Zildjan, VP LogMeIn EMEABeat the Olympics - avoid business disruption
Armen Zildjan, VP LogMeIn EMEA (06-Jul-2012)
With close to five million visitors expected for the Olympics, don't expect business as usual in London - plan ahead to avoid disruptions
David Hillson, the Risk DoctorRisks in recession or recovery: react or respond?
David Hillson, the Risk Doctor (04-Jul-2012)
Every business faces the same emerging risks and how we choose to respond will make the difference competitively
Tom Homer, CEO EMEA, Telstra GlobalBusiness expansion - Asia on the horizon
Tom Homer, CEO EMEA, Telstra Global (27-Jun-2012)
Despite the global downturn, Asian economies continue to grow and the region has become a driver of the global economy - we consider the opportunities and threats
Simon Kirby, Senior Research Fellow, NIESRProspects for the UK economy
Simon Kirby, Senior Research Fellow, NIESR (08-May-2012)
The UK economy remains weak, but robust growth is expected next year and fiscal policy could be used to raise aggregate demand without loss of fiscal credibility
David Wooton, Lord Mayor of LondonSupporting and promoting the UK economy
David Wooton, Lord Mayor of London (03-May-2012)
As 684th Lord Mayor of London, David Wootton is spending a hectic year helping to support and promote the UK economy and the City of London
Daniel Ball, Director, Wax DigitalWise spending needed to get out of austerity
Daniel Ball, Director, Wax Digital (06-Apr-2012)
The UK should spend its way wisely out of economic trouble rather than making austere savings with big infrastructure projects top of the public shopping list
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comBrits are struggling to save
Michael Ossei of (20-Mar-2012)
The nations piggybanks are suffering with 21% of Brits currently unable to save anything and a further 32% can only save as and when they can
Peter Kolarz of Francis Hutcheson InstituteHow to re-invigorate British manufacturing
Peter Kolarz of Francis Hutcheson Institute (19-Mar-2012)
How might it be possible to re-invigorate manufacturing in Britain and all the developed nations who have experienced a steady downturn?
Karl Heiselman, CEO of Wolff OlinsCompanies are not investing in key factors for growth
Karl Heiselman, CEO of Wolff Olins (21-Feb-2012)
Although companies recognise the important factors required for long-term growth, many are not investing in them
David Falzani, President SMF SocietyUK Boards need more engineers
David Falzani, President SMF Society (20-Feb-2012)
To increase UK competitiveness, we need more directors in our boardrooms who have both the knowledge of how things are made and first-class management skills
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comChristmas and the festive financial hangover
Michael Ossei of (30-Dec-2011)
The majority of Brits will have struggled to pay for Christmas this year and almost one in ten will still be in debt next Christmas
Lizzie Crowley of The Work FoundationWhat makes a city innovative?
Lizzie Crowley of The Work Foundation (08-Dec-2011)
Strong networks between the public and private sector drive growth and job creation, help to attract world-class businesses and nurture home-grown entrepreneurs
Santander Breakthrough programmeBreakthrough - supporting fast-growth UK business
Santander Breakthrough programme (02-Dec-2011)
A new programme to support the best and fastest growing businesses in the UK and help them grow, create jobs and drive economic growth
Sharon Glancy of People 1st TrainingAn alternative to a pay rise
Sharon Glancy of People 1st Training (28-Nov-2011)
When offering a promotion or pay rise is difficult, what would people consider as a reasonable alternative?
Ian Brinkley of The Work FoundationUK needs a credible growth plan
Ian Brinkley of The Work Foundation (25-Nov-2011)
Five key strategies for the government to demonstrate its commitment to growth
Make it in BritainMake it in Britain campaign and exhibition
Make it in Britain (24-Nov-2011)
Manufacturing is our most exportable sector and is at the heart of our long-term economic vision and the exhibition will run next year during the Olympics
UCL and Goldman SachsExciting new programme for London's SMEs
UCL and Goldman Sachs (21-Nov-2011)
An exciting new programme designed to unlock the economic and job creation potential of small businesses and social enterprises
RDPIJapan - conflicting opinions
RDPI (07-Nov-2011)
What do people in the UK think about Japanese products, businesses and the country's prospects?
Margo Manning, MD of Bute CoachingThe real cost of budget cuts
Margo Manning, MD of Bute Coaching (04-Nov-2011)
As we cut costs and more probably headcount, what does it really mean for our business?
Chris Dines, CEO of Knowledge PeersEducation - fit for purpose?
Chris Dines, CEO of Knowledge Peers (03-Nov-2011)
UK plc needs to achieve vibrant growth, but the lack of skilled, work-savvy youngsters is a constraint
Stephen Robertson, BRC Director GeneralRetail - the road to recovery
Stephen Robertson, BRC Director General (01-Nov-2011)
Rebuilding consumer confidence to enable retail job growth and investment is the route to recovery
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comFuture generations may miss out on University
Michael Ossei of (30-Oct-2011)
Future generations could miss out on University because of escalating costs
Tania CokeJapan and the world stage
Tania Coke (24-Oct-2011)
After the recent tsunami and nuclear problems in Japan, how do the Japanese perceive their position?
Andrew Sissons, Big Innovation Centre5 key growth areas for jobs and the economy
Andrew Sissons, Big Innovation Centre (17-Oct-2011)
The low-resource economy, healthcare, the experience economy, business services and the digital economy are Britain’s best hopes to escape stagnation
Tony Egerton of PortalFail to innovate and fail in business
Tony Egerton of Portal (13-Oct-2011)
Cutting R&D is a corporate version of cutting off your nose to spite your face and is bad for the company and UK
Paul Noon, Director of Trade UKTI Australia and NZExpand your business into Australia and NZ
Paul Noon, Director of Trade UKTI Australia and NZ (24-Aug-2011)
It is time now for the resilient to become the ambitious and expand overseas
Phil Sheridan of Robert SelfExecutives hiring in second half of 2011
Phil Sheridan of Robert Self (07-Jul-2011)
One in ten senior executives of UK companies are planning to add permanent, professional-level staff in the second half of 2011
The Work FoundationKnowledge economy is the answer
The Work Foundation (29-Jun-2011)
Only the knowledge economy can provide the jobs and balanced growth needed to secure the UK’s future prosperity
Michael Carrivick of BAR UKLack of aviation policy hits UK economy
Michael Carrivick of BAR UK (02-Jun-2011)
Lack of aviation policy is hitting business and employment and risks the UK being by-passed
Max Johnson of Currency SolutionsEuro is rocked again
Max Johnson of Currency Solutions (18-May-2011)
Sterling has lost more ground to the Dollar whilst managing to claw back against the Euro
The Work FoundationGovernment fails to understand innovation
The Work Foundation (17-May-2011)
The Government is failing to deliver the public sector innovation that could dramatically boost value-for-money and benefit the economy beyond the public sector
Stephen Robertson of BRCHigh Streets - heart of the community
Stephen Robertson of BRC (17-May-2011)
High Streets are the heart of local communities and economies, providing jobs and essential services, but some are in trouble
Andrew Sissons, Work FoundationBusiness services replace manufacturing as mainstay of UK economy
Andrew Sissons, Work Foundation (10-May-2011)
UK excels at providing knowledge-based business services, but needs to build on its advantages
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comConsumers and credit card borrowing
Michael Ossei of (13-Apr-2011)
Shake up of Credit Card market as more and more consumers are turning to credit to keep their heads above water
UK Space AgencyUK space sector - key driver of economic growth
UK Space Agency (08-Apr-2011)
£10m investment to start a national technology programme with industry
BISStartUp Britain launches
BIS (28-Mar-2011)
David Cameron launches Startup Britain to help boost the enterprise-led economic recovery
UKTIHelp to improve your exports
UKTI (23-Mar-2011)
At a time when doing business overseas is so important to economic growth UKTI offers help
Cardiff University and LLAKESTraining investment continues - employers 'training smarter'
Cardiff University and LLAKES (16-Mar-2011)
Although some employers have cut spending, total expenditure on training has reduced only slightly
Chancellor George OsborneChancellor - next week's Budget: rescue to reform
Chancellor George Osborne (16-Mar-2011)
George Osborne sets the scene for next week's Budget
DEFRACompanies can save money by helping the environment
DEFRA (15-Mar-2011)
British businesses can save around £23 billion a year by improving the way they use energy and water, and by reducing waste
EIC2011 Budget - a kick-start for UK Green Economy?
EIC (10-Mar-2011)
The environmental industry - job creation across the UK while reducing environmental pollution
BCCUnemployment up, lower growth, but better prospects
BCC (08-Mar-2011)
Up to 2015, UK GDP is likely to grow on average by just over 2% per annum, but there is room for cautious optimism
HE Georg BoomgaardenThe value of human capital and manufacturing
HE Georg Boomgaarden (25-Feb-2011)
German Ambassador comments on the value of human capital and the importance of manufacturing (and hence export).
Ros AltmannOver 50s are suffering the most
Ros Altmann (15-Feb-2011)
The quality of life for the over 50s is worsening as they are suffering falling income, rising inflation and higher unemployment.
Gerwyn DaviesPublic sector redundancies: private sector hopes?
Gerwyn Davies (14-Feb-2011)
Redundancies look set to rise sharply in the first quarter of 2011, but some hope from the private sector.
David KernManufacturing recovery must be strengthened says BCC
David Kern (11-Feb-2011)
Despite a slight downturn, British manufacturing is expected to recover in January - critical to our overall recovery
Utz ReiffThe setting and the rising of the sun?
Utz Reiff (03-Feb-2011)
Japan, like many countries, is facing the challenges of the current economic climate. What can it do and how can it overcome them?

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Bartosz TymkowskiPoland - growth and business opportunities
Bartosz Tymkowski
Poland continues to be successful despite the current economic situation and the future looks good!
Neville Rayner150 years of helping business
Neville Rayner
Neville Rayner, President of BCC, explains how Chambers will be at the forefront as we emerge from the recession
Gareth ThomasCashing in on the gold rush
Gareth Thomas
There cannot be many industries that can claim to have enjoyed exponential growth during the recent recession. The cash for gold industry can genuinely state that the depressed economic climate has been vital to its success
Ganesh SelvarajahBeating the economic downturn through international trade
Ganesh Selvarajah
Is it time to look at exporting as a way to widen your business portfolio? How to get advice and guidance.
Neil CraigRecipe for recovery
Neil Craig
The customer is king - or queen: how to get your organisation into the best shape to take advantage of the economic recovery
John CridlandThe new business agenda
John Cridland
With a general election on the near horizon, the CBI lays out an agenda for the future success of UK plc
Leslie BuddMoney for nothing - crisis for free
Leslie Budd
The predictable causes of the financial crash and what the future holds are examined by the Open University
Julian BarrellYoung entrepreneurs - our future
Julian Barrell
Every day across Britain, fresh ideas are being turned into reality and new businesses are still being created
Yorkshire FlowerpotsFrom clay pipes to flowerpots
Yorkshire Flowerpots
Naylor Industries has gone from the brink of ruin to £30m annual sales and recession-weathering performance
Professor Malcolm ProwleSurvival of the fittest? No, survival of the most adaptable
Professor Malcolm Prowle
Businesses need radical thinking if they are to survive what Ed Balls described recently as the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s
Vanessa RossiThe AAA threat to UK credit rating
Vanessa Rossi
Why the UK needs to pay more attention to how its economy is viewed at home and abroad
Alderman Ian LuderThe City of London - UK powerhouse
Alderman Ian Luder
The City of London remains leader in the world and the powerhouse of the UK economy - well regulated and vibrant
David KesterDesigning our future
David Kester
The the role of design, particularly how it can help in today’s economic climate, and what it really contributes to society and the economy
Adrian WilkesEurope's environmental industries' answer to the recession
Adrian Wilkes
As recession spreads across the continent UK and the EU, politicians also face a second challenge: the dawning ecological crisis. We look at how the environmental industry can help Europe out of recession.
Andy BerrowSurviving the downturn: a Director's toolkit
Andy Berrow
It’s true: times are tough says Andy Berrow of Business Link. But believe it or not, it isn’t all doom and gloom - some things you can do to help
David FrostAction, investment and planning - how to beat the recession
David Frost
Interview of the issue: David Frost talks to the Editor about the need for immediate action and investment to get the UK out of the recession.
British Standard InstitutitionA new risk
British Standard Institutition
With the global and UK economies headed for uncertain times, the need for risk management is at an all time high.
Jeremy PennShipping - the global economy's enabler
Jeremy Penn
Jeremy Penn, Chief Executive of the Baltic Exchange in London, looks at the importance of the shipping industry to the global economy.
Adrian WilkesA healthy environment for growth and jobs
Adrian Wilkes
Continued economic growth depends more and more on the efficient use of increasingly scarce resources, and on the continued ability of the biosphere to deal with the pollution we create

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