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Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, NutbourneCybersecurity: best practice is common sense
Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, Nutbourne (18-Jun-2020)
With more than 98% of UK businesses and charities operating online, cybersecurity solutions are not something that can be ignored with the current risks. Common-sense tips to help
Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-ShiftYour personal data - a crisis of trust
Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift (19-Oct-2016)
Organisations need to heed consumer concerns about use of personal data and focus on building digital products and services that are based on trusted, sustainable customer relationships
Helen Dickinson, Director General, British Retail ConsortiumBrand Britain - a global retail success
Helen Dickinson, Director General, British Retail Consortium (04-Nov-2013)
The quality, range and accompanying service offered by 'Brand Britain' is respected around the world - particular growth in the clothing, beauty and department store sectors
Nick Morris, Founder of Canvas8Deal-obsessed customers research for 24 hours
Nick Morris, Founder of Canvas8 (20-May-2013)
Purchasers are becoming increasingly paranoid about missing out on good deals, spending hours researching online, scouring the high street and interrogating friends, before finally taking the plunge
Dominic Higgins, contributing writer, Contact LawLegal tips to manage your online presence
Dominic Higgins, contributing writer, Contact Law (17-May-2013)
The internet creates exciting opportunities for business – instant access to huge numbers of potential customers and a global platform for your brand - but there are a web of legal issues too
Paul Malone, Editor, Newry TimesEntrepreneurs make a success with online news
Paul Malone, Editor, Newry Times (22-Nov-2012)
With no business experience, three graduates started and made a success of Newry Times - an online newspaper
Ian Jackson, Managing Director, ImerjaOn your marks - bandwidth, businesses and the cloud
Ian Jackson, Managing Director, Imerja (14-Aug-2012)
The Games have shone a light on the importance of a reliable internet connection. For companies taking a step into the cloud, speed and reliability are paramount
Ben Atherton, CEO, SambaFree UK broadband for users on the go
Ben Atherton, CEO, Samba (02-Aug-2012)
A new service offering free on-the-go broadband for laptops, netbooks and iPads has just launched - based on a simple 'value exchange' model
Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounterHow important is your Browser?
Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter (18-Jul-2012)
The increasing competition in the web Browser market can only be good for us - the users - read all about it!
Adam Jarvis, CEO of Intrinsic TechnologyILOVEBYOD - the potential pitfalls of staff 'bring-your-own device'
Adam Jarvis, CEO of Intrinsic Technology (08-Jun-2012)
Corporate security breeches often result from humans that inadvertently put information at risk; whether through simple curiosity, carelessness or ignorance
Simon Best, founder of BaseKitYour website - shop window to the world
Simon Best, founder of BaseKit (15-May-2012)
First impressions count - and your web site is no exception, yet so many businesses are failing to impress online
Chris Orrell, MD HotelStayUKThe online daily deal market needs to change
Chris Orrell, MD HotelStayUK (14-May-2012)
The daily deals market is currently fraught with problems and must recognise supply and demand issues before growth can be sustained
Axel Pawlik, MD of RIPE NCCImportant internet change - you need to prepare
Axel Pawlik, MD of RIPE NCC (02-May-2012)
OK, it's a bit techie, but you need to understand this if you or your business use the internet - you will be affected!
Peter Rees, Principal Digital Marketing AcademyThe whole world's gone global
Peter Rees, Principal Digital Marketing Academy (25-Apr-2012)
Mobile technology represents the third wave of a technological tsunami that puts significant processing power in the hands of all of us, connecting everything across the Web
Billy Haining of Intrinsic TechnologyHigh speed / high tech - HS2 business benefits now
Billy Haining of Intrinsic Technology (14-Feb-2012)
The first trains won’t be running until 2026 and many businesses are already using very different types of technology to achieve the same benefits

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