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Alex Plavsic, Head of Forensic, KPMGAll organisations need to do robust due diligence
Alex Plavsic, Head of Forensic, KPMG (07-Oct-2013)
In today's increasingly-complex international business world, organisations of all sizes need to carry out robust due diligence to protect themselves
Mary Starks, Senior Director, OFTCustomers reluctant to complain about legal profession
Mary Starks, Senior Director, OFT (25-Jan-2013)
Customers of the legal profession are sceptical about the value of complaining and confused where to go
Adi Gaskell of PEXDoes spending on political lobbying pay?
Adi Gaskell of PEX (15-Jun-2012)
Does investing in political activity really work? It seems only in certain cases
Simon Kirby, Senior Research Fellow, NIESRProspects for the UK economy
Simon Kirby, Senior Research Fellow, NIESR (08-May-2012)
The UK economy remains weak, but robust growth is expected next year and fiscal policy could be used to raise aggregate demand without loss of fiscal credibility
David Wooton, Lord Mayor of LondonSupporting and promoting the UK economy
David Wooton, Lord Mayor of London (03-May-2012)
As 684th Lord Mayor of London, David Wootton is spending a hectic year helping to support and promote the UK economy and the City of London
Daniel Ball, Director, Wax DigitalWise spending needed to get out of austerity
Daniel Ball, Director, Wax Digital (06-Apr-2012)
The UK should spend its way wisely out of economic trouble rather than making austere savings with big infrastructure projects top of the public shopping list

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