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Michael Ossei of£53 million wasted by using credit cards abroad
Michael Ossei of (21-May-2012)
British travellers and holidaymakers risk running up over £53 million in stealth charges just for paying with their credit card abroad

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HE Ms Barbara Tuge-Ereci?kaPoland - business, culture and history
HE Ms Barbara Tuge-Ereci?ka
An introduction to the wealth of business, tourist, exhibition and conference opportunities
Travel advice and information Poland - exceeding your expectations
Travel advice and information
For conferences, meetings and tourism Poland provides many reasons for you not to have to look further - check out what is on offer
Rosario Maria OttoPhilippines - mixing business and pleasure
Rosario Maria Otto
Remarkable growth in IT and business support, health and wellness, retirement, and tourism are drawing in new foreign investments
Mr Zafer CaglayanTurkey - an ongoing success story
Mr Zafer Caglayan
Turkey is a country which has undergone an economic transformation in recent years and is a continuing success story
Investment opportunities in Turkey

Turkey has largely avoided the effects of the global economic crisis and remains a success story for investment and business
Turkey - a cultural and historical treasure

Turkey is one of the most-visited countries in the world for tourism and is an ideal venue for a conference or meeting
HE Mr Tran Quang HoanVietnam: for business, culture and tourism ...
HE Mr Tran Quang Hoan
A welcome to the special Vietnam feature and articles on business, trade and tourism
An The DzungThe development of Vietnam and potential for EU investors
An The Dzung
The development of Vietnam as a trade partner after accession to the WTO
Vietnam: culture, cuisine and beauty

Vietnam offers a rich mix of culture, delicious cuisine and beautiful scenery - with hospitable people ready to welcome you whether to extend your business trip or for a vacation
HE Vassilis Achilleas PispinisGreece: the cradle of Western civilization
HE Vassilis Achilleas Pispinis
An introduction to Greece - business, tourism, conferences and pleasure
Greece TourismGreece: 5000 years old - a masterpiece you can afford
Greece Tourism
Greece is the country of beautiful contradictions - a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again
HE M Edgardo B EspirituThe Philippines ... an introduction
HE M Edgardo B Espiritu
The Philippines is one of the lesser-known Asian countries, positioned as one of the further south eastern countries in Asia. An exciting place for business, tourism and its amazing natural environment.
The leisure of business in the Philippines

Business travel often ignores the “travel” part of it. Burdened with deadlines, presentations and cross-cultural communication, the business traveller is left either tired or uninterested as the trip comes to a close. The Philippines offers so much m

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